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Selection and Description of Styles taught:

Hatha based Variety styles of Yoga:

Physical Alignment yoga practices that incorporate breathing techniques (pranayama), series of postures (asana), body awareness and the slowing of the mind to stay present and engaged in the connection of breath and movement. These practices bring balance to the whole; strength and ease is the after effect.

Its not about how bendy or strong you are; its how willing you are to observe the self and allow for change. Every body has differences. With that understanding we deliver a yoga practice that will allow everybody to keep integrity of the posture while staying in the safe practice of individual alignment, and other, needs. We can all do the same practice, achieve similar results and look different doing it. That is okay.

All is yoga and yoga loves all.

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Class Descriptions

Yoga Nidra:

Nidra means sleep. During a Yoga Nidra session or class the participant is guided into deep relaxation using breath, body awareness and relaxation techniques. The body and mind rest and restore in this state of deep conscious relaxation.

Profound Benefits:

  • During Yoga Nidra the brain waves are calmed, slowed; allowing space between thoughts = letting go of stress. Giving room for the brain and the body to promote healing.
  • Our mind is brought to a place of peace and wisdom. Then we can clearly understand our truths and proceed with calm clear actions in our waking states.
  • Hormones and Bodily functions are brought into balance by increasing depleted levels of: GABA, Melatonin, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Endorphins, Dopamine, DHEA and Human Growth Hormone.
  • Decreases Cortisol
  • Reduces Sensitivity to the Fight/Flight response.

Yoga Nidra when practiced regularly brings the mind, body and spirit to balance. It promotes good mood, restful sleep, healthy brain function, healthy bodily function and an overall ability to clear and move the daily mind junk out of the way to get to our true nature of peaceful living.

Yoga Nidra with Baby!

A unique parent and baby experience that includes gentle post-partum yoga followed by a guided mindfulness meditation (yoga nidra) which is deeply relaxing and restorative. Yoga Nidra has immense benefits. One session of yoga nidra is equal to the restorative qualities of at least 3/hrs. of deep sleep. Not to mention the over-all balancing and wellness that occurs. This state of relaxation is where hormones balance, secretions of oxytocin, serotonin and GABA happen also the ridding of the stress hormone cortisol. This practice is similar to sleeping and we all know how to do that!

We include baby in the initial yoga postures then while I guide you through yoga nidra either baby rests in a swing, carrier or I hold baby and rock baby while guiding you through the meditation. Often times baby finds the meditation just as relaxing and will fall asleep receiving the same benefits.

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Restorative Yoga:

Gentle postures that are supported with the use of props (blankets, bolsters, blocks). These supported postures help hold our form so that we may let go and rest deeply in the moment. Restorative yoga is not about the stretch, it is a method to help in letting go of stress that has been experienced by the nervous system and the whole person. Each pose takes us deeper into relaxation, restoring the balance of mind and bodily functions, emotions, and inner connections. After a restorative class we are better able to be in each moment and every moment with ourselves and others.

Yin: Classes focus on physical postures of long traction holding (3 – 5 minute). These postures stretch and open the connective tissues or fascia of the body. This type of yoga was specifically designed to release fixation of the joint and assist with joint rehabilitation. Yin supports lubrication of joints improving joint health, lengthen and strengthens the connective tissue, gives time for muscles to relax and is beneficial for spine health. Taking a Yin class provides space for letting go of deep tensions held in the body and is great for overall wellness.

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga: 

Yoga that may include hatha postures, restorative and nidra that are modified to suit the individual needs during or after pregnancy.

Children’s Yoga: 

Movement through yoga poses and games that include nature based programs encourage children to develop healthy habits. These types of programs also enhance a child’s ability to explore activities that connect them with nature, develops coordination skills, and fosters the ability to make positive choices through inherent kindness.

Yoga for stress and trauma:

Yoga for Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) can be very supportive to many of us. Classes in this realm use trauma sensitive wording and poses with a purposeful theme and techniques to help release trauma and stress without having to re-experience it through thoughts or words.

Trauma or Stress sensitive yoga will include hatha postures, restorative and nidra. The structure, design and wording of each class is developed by meeting with the individual or group and becoming aware what is needed.

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School Wellness Services


School Programs or Special Events

School employee wellness -OR- After School children’s programs in-line with Diversity Gardens which is movement/yoga for kids incorporating skills of kindness, diversity and building joyful creativity.

Please call to ask about these extraordinary youth yoga programs. Delivered by a licensed, insured and background cleared certified experienced yoga instructor.

Contact us to schedule a meet-and-greet to gather information and formulate a proposal based on the needs of your schools needs.

Much Love Through Wellness,

Jessica Carpenter

Call to schedule or inquire about private, group or event session 602.653.8327 (text friendly)