Show a little Kindness

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Its simple really…. to find enough peace in our mind and heart then transforming that into the action of kindness. Even when the external circumstances turn our internal experience into a cluster of feelings we have the ability to be kind.

The hard part is remembering to employ the simple things that we forget. 

Remember that the way we show-up in the world is a choice; at least by the age of 3 it is noticeable, we first choose then act. Even if our actions seem so quick that it was as if the action was stemmed from nowhere, know that first there is/was always a choice. Sometimes we act with amazing grace, openness and kindness that we even shock ourselves how connected and right that moment in action felt. That is why we know action can be slowly watched within us to create the outcome of kindness.

With that said, kindness happens in moments where we allow ourselves to slowdown, breathe and proceed with heartfelt skillful action; or, in some cases, just plain tact (adroitness and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues.) Skillful action is the ability to find ease within the action of strength. There are many moments in life that we feel like we need to strongly react, but really what we want to do is act with clarity and ease setting a foundation to a boundary that brings balance to life.

Skillful action and tact are within each of us. Try tapping into a few of the points below and perhaps you too will see that out of peace kindness simply happen.

Here are a few simple Keys to Kindness:

  • Breath – always recognize the breath. Just notice if it is being held in. The pace of which it is moving and if it feels stuck. Notice then allow yourself to take the time to breathe in fully then out completely. When we hold the breath our mind and body are on hold too. Breathing is always the first step to creating space for the steps to follow.
  • Witness the things that are not true in the situation or life event. This is where we separate from feelings or thoughts that are stirring-up too much within us. Notice those are not you. See them and willfully detach from them. These are experiences in life, but they are not you and they do not total the sum of life.
  • Say Hello and Let go. Allow yourself to understand that what is coming, is coming to go. So say “hello” to the thoughts and feeling. They can be there, but they can also pass through. You choose to hold or let them pass. The thoughts or feelings that may be strong and stirring are temporary. Once you can breathe and move, know that time will settle the mind. Those thoughts and feelings will soon be in the category of, What came has left.
  • Find the stillness in you that radiates peace. We all have a calm place of space within. Breathe and remember that place. From there, clearly act through love showing kindness.

Because life can always use a little more peace. Be well. Be beautifully you. . . And remember the little things that we sometimes forget.

Much Love through Wellness,

Jessica Carpenter

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