Make way for a successful New Year’s Resolution

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That’s right make way first. Then put energy towards the true desire. The Prep-work will allow the real work to unfold with ease

Here’s how:

Start to remove the junk that stands in the way. The things that are nonconstructive. Those easy to slip into routines that are done on a regular basis. Space holders, timesuckers, money drainers, energy takers.

You know the stuff, habits that aren’t really “in-line” with our dreams and desires.

Remove just one nonconstructive habit to make room for more constructive actions. Creating constructive habits increase our pride, self-satisfaction. These are things that will fulfill our desires and bring us joy, contentment and happiness.


Possible Space Holders to Remove for at least 40 days:

Watching TV

Snacking on Candy


Nail Biting

Social Media (don’t check it multiple times a day, maybe just once)

Selfies and Cell Phone use

Unsupportive Friendships/Relationships


Choose anything that is holding space filling time or taking away from what it is that you would rather be doing, or who you desire to be. Choose just one thing to remove. Commit to not doing it for 40 days. Let what happens happen and continue on the 40 day path of not doing. Stick with it.

What will appear is space for one thing that you truly want to propel your energy towards.

IMPORTANT: Keep me in the loop. Comment and Describe your experience and the steps you are taking. What are you not doing? Tell us When you start not doing it. AND let’s celebrate together at the 40 day mark of not doing! Let us know when you have arrived.

You are officially invited to stop doing something of your choosing that is nonconstructive for 40days. This is an open on-going invite.

With 40days of not doing behind you it is time to DO!

All of your newly created inspiration and energy will be fully available for a meaningful and successful New Year’s Resolution. OR any resolve for that matter.

Where will your energy and focus go? It will follow your thoughts, your self-expressed resolution. What will this be for you? What is it that you have the tenacity to willfully put energy and self-expression towards? What does it look like for you? What does it feel like? How will it change how you experience life?

Let’s break this down together.

Talk/type it out with me here in the comments. Let’s make it a beautiful one-liner that hits home in all the right ways.

When it’s spoken you get chills and feel inspired to move all your efforts and energy in its direction. You made it 40days removing obstacles and now you are ready. So what will it be, let me know.

To sum it up, Remove the junk = make more time and energy for your true desires the true self. Connected, clear and experiencing bliss. It’s your choice and as you consciously make the first choice it will become more possible to make conscious choices to follow. It is in your power to be fully part of your experience of life.


Much Love Through Wellness,

Jessica Carpenter






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