10 minute yoga sequence to shift into a state of clarity and peace

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“Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they’re meant to be.”

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10 minute yoga sequence to shift into a state of clarity and peace.

Take a seated position wherever you choose. May it be at your work desk, outside under a tree or on your yoga mat.
Allow your shoulders to draw up towards your ears on an inhalation and on the exhalation deeply shrug those shoulders down and away from the ears giving space for the neck to grow long, rising up through the top or crown of your head. On the next inhalation descend the tailbone down to the seat below you and on the exhalation strengthen at the core. Find that you have grown long in the spine and now are able to lift the heart up towards the sky fully embarrassing your height and presence right now at this moment. Continue to breath making any adjustments needed to find strength and stability in the spine all the way from the tailbone up to the top of the head. Maintain this and add some ease right at those shoulders remembering to allow them to drift down the back away from the ears.
Next just for a moment allow the eyes to close and connect with your breath. First giving yourself permission to just noticed the breath without judgment or control. Let the breath run free and settle into a smooth connected inhalation and exhalation. Once you have found your steady smooth natural breathing pattern begin to deepen the breath taking a 3 part breath. Inhale fully into the belly. Belly may rise, rib cage opens out to the left and right and the breath may fill all the way up lifting at the collar bones. On the Exhale collar bones may lower, ribs draw back in and belly button hugs back into the spine. Continue this breathing pattern for at least 3 rounds. Fully inhale filling all the way up and exhale letting all the air completely empty from the body. After at least the  3rd round settle back into your natural inhalation and exhalation. Feel the body and mind begin to shift and change.
Now with the shoulders still resting down away from the ears hands resting on the lap allow the chin to lower to the chest. From here begin to sweep the left ear over towards the left should on an inhalation. Exhale the chin back to chest and inhale the right ear over towards the right shoulder. Continue this sweeping motion exhaling coming back to center and inhaling sweeping to one-side-or-the-other. Do this on your own until you reach 6 exhalations as the chin rests near the chest. Take one nice big inhalation here and exhale out with a deep sigh (ahhhh). Coming back to center lifting the head.
Finally, inhale stretch both hands over head interlace your fingers at the top, turn the palms up towards the sky and fully lengthen pushing the hands up and away from you. Take an nice big inhale and an audible exhale. Inhale lengthen stretching all the way up trough the arms and on your exhalation bend over to the right pushing those palms away to the right. Feeling a stretch in the left side body. Remember to push or plug that left sit bone back into the seat. Lift and tilt the heart up and open towards the sky. Breath here naturally for 3 breaths. Take a big inhalation bringing you back to center and then stretch over to the left side. Remembering to plug the right sit bone done lift up and open up at the heart. Breath naturally for at least 3 breaths. Inhale back to center push up through the hands and exhale release the posture. Roll out the wrists and maybe even the arms. As the arms and hands come back to the top of the thighs inhale lengthen the spine again finding strength in your seated postion, growing tall feeling a sense that tension is melting away. After getting nice and tall on that inhale, exhale turn open to the right. Inhale lengthen twisting back to center, exhale turn open to the left. Do this twisting motion one more time on each side. Inhale lengthen to center exhale turn open to one side. After you are complete return to center and settle back in fully to your body and mind.
Notice without preference or pull how the mind is more still the body more at ease feeling peaceful ready to clearly be in each moment right here, right now. Stay connected to this peace.
~jessica carpenter

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